2023 Tuesday League Playoffs

Game #1
Skin Wellness - 17, Clancy's - 5
Coastal Orthopedics - 20, Edelweiss - 7
Game #2
Skin Wellness - 15, Coastal orthopedics - 3
Edelweiss - 13, Clancy's - 5
1st place - Skin Wellness
2nd place - Coastal Ozrthopedics
3rd place - Edelweiss
4th place - Clancy's
5th place - Sparks

2023 Leagues

All games will start at 9:30AM. starting Jan 2 through April.  Please arrive no later than 9AM.

Monday League - Mike Kirkby (LC) 941-713-8969 (GT Bray)

Tuesday League - Arnie Walker (LC) 941-792-7913 (GT Bray)

Thursday American League - Mike Mancuso (LC) 941-794-0890 (GT Bray)

Thursday National League - John DiClemente (LC) 941-896-8117 (Palma Sola)

New Player Registration


Player Dues

We encourage the use of Paypal or Credit Card, since we are transitioning from cash and checks.  

You can also pay the usual way (cash or check) to Wayne Kopp or Jack Gjeldum at the field.

See Wayne Kopp if you would like to sign up as a standby in one or more of our leagues.

1st Quarter 2023 League Fees are $25.


New start time of 9:30 AM starting Monday, January 2, 2023

Due to bad traffic, we are moving our start time to 9:30, starting Monday, January 2.  Please arrive around 9:00 and check in.

The dedication of Lloyd D. Grantham Field

See the dedication of the Lloyd D Grantham field that occurred on February 24, 2022.

Rule changes for the Monday, Thursday National and Pick-Up Games

Updated rules have been posted here.

This change covers the updates to bats that can be used.

COVID Policy Update

If a player tests positive for Covid he/she will isolate for 5 days at home, followed by 5 days of masking( but able to play if testing negative).  After the five day period if you retest and you are positive, you must isolate for the full 10 day period ( and retest negative before playing). 

Weekly Batting Practice being held at Buffalo Creek, starting at 8:30

Batting practice is held on Saturday mornings, starting at 8:30 am, at the Buffalo Creek ball diamond (closest to the Middle School).
If it is occupied, we will try to be on the football field directly behind it. If that is taken, we will try to be on one of the Little League fields.
(parking for those fields are accessed through the driveway to the golf course. )
Please call the rain out number ( 301-4129) after 7:20 am Saturday to confirm that BP is scheduled!

Questionable Field Conditions?

Call our information line at 941-301-4129 if there is ever a question about field conditions.  The league coordinator will update the message on this line as soon as he knows that the fields will be playable or not playable.



Softball Items For Sale

Follow this link to see softball-related items for sale from your fellow softball players.

Looking for some softball equipment?

If you have softball equipment you want to sell, send an email to warrenrjwc@gmail.com and I will post it out.


About Us

Our Softball League

Our league has continuous competition 52 weeks/year.  We play at GT Bray and Palma Sola Parks in Manatee County.


Anyone can play

Our players are 60 and older. Everyone is invited to play.  All that sign up will be guaranteed to play at least one day per week.


We play all year

Our play is organized into leagues from January until April and we have pick-up games the rest of the year.  We play double-headers and start early in the morning (usually 9:30 start time).  There is also informal batting practice for those that would like to brush-up on their game

For more information, see this link.