Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Feb 1, 2024

Attending were Wayne Kopp, Dave Boyle, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, Jack Gjeldum , Ken Krejci, Dave Freni , Marc During, John DeClemente, Russ Warren, and Greg Lewandowski.
A motion by Dave Boyle, 2nd by Arnie Walker and all in favor to approve the Jan 4, 2024 meeting minutes.
It was by unanimous agreement that the status of operation by the League coordinators and managers is very functional and needs no changes at this time. The only request by Russ Warren is that either the managers or LC’s get the scores to him the day of the games by phone or email.
The discussion of having end of season tournaments in the Monday and Thursday Recreational Leagues was tabled until after this season.
It was discussed that the rating system for new players be updated as the new player has a chance to play. At present, usually we only have a practice to rate a new player and that is without seeing him/her in live games being able to run/ field/throw.
Existing players will be reviewed by the rating committee at the end of the winter leagues completion.
We will look at someone other than Wayne to be the focal point for contact with new players. Anyone interested, please contact Wayne.
Arnie will send John DiClemente the info on leaving messages on the hot line for Sunday practices at Palma Sola.
There was considerable discussion on information listed on the web site for Russ Warren to enter. It was decided that the sub lists for each league will be given to the LC’s by Jack Gjeldum and the LC’s will make available to their respective managers. Therefore, Russ will not post on the web site. All other info on teams, players, standings and schedules will still be updated by Russ. We will remove the need for shirt colors next year.
The discussion of the managers having a “option waiver” was not accepted. The manager will have control of dealing with a player that lists positions he will play on his registration , but then refuses to play during a game. Having an injury negates this discussion.
There was discussion of the pinch runner rule that will not be changed but tabled for further discussion after the season.
The BEERS Tournament will have a Competitive and a Recreational division this year, scheduled for Feb 23 which is a Friday at GT Bray . Arnie will start posting info on this shortly.
Ken was told to order 6 dozen more balls for the Monday and Competitive leagues. We will begin to use one new ball per game now.
Jack Gjeldum gave the financial report and we are in good standing.
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:08PM with a motion by Mike Kirkby, 2nd by Ken and all in favor.

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  1. Darryl L Triesch

    I would like to commend the board for voting to have a true competitive league this year. I hope the feedback you received was mostly positive and I highly appreciate this and thank all of you. A pitcher is on me at Clancy’s.

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