Our League Rules


Bradenton Senior Softball (BSS) was created circa 1990 in Bradenton, Florida to provide recreational softball for those individuals who are 60 years of age (in the playing calendar) or older. There is continual competition 52 weeks of each year at least two days a week. There are four (4) seasons of play: Jan. 1 -March 31; April 1 -June 30; July 1 -Sept. 30; Oct. 1 -Dec. 31. All games and practices are scheduled on Manatee County Parks: G.T. Bray and Palma Sola softball fields. League information is available on our internet website: www.bradentonseniorsoftball.com.

Board of Directors (BOD)

All competition is established and supervised by a seven [7] member board appointed for unlimited terms. Elected positions within the board are president and treasurer. At least one board meeting per calendar year is scheduled -others as needed.


Dues are necessary to cover the cost of balls, line-up cards, first aid/ice packs, pitching screens, team’s shirts, and the annual banquet. Field rental and maintenance fees are on a schedule set by the Manatee County Dept. Of Natural Resources. Payment is due by the first day of the month for the calendar year quarter. Fees may be adjusted for each quarter mainly due to the number of fields needed for competition. All players are encouraged to attend the annual banquet usually scheduled for the first Friday of March. It is recommended to limit your guests to one person. Spouses and friends are welcome. Some awards are usually presented.Dues are collected by the league treasurer on the first day of competition in each calendar quarter. It is the responsibility of each player to seek out the treasurer and make payment by cash or check. Checks should be written to Bradenton Senior Softball. Each player has one (1) day competition grace period to make payment. Failure to pay after the grace period will make a player ineligible to play. No Pay -No Play! The fee is the same whether playing one or more days a week.


Due to a large number of players interested in competing, there is always formal league play four (4) days a week. Monday thru Thursday for the first quarter of the year. Intramural “pickup” games are scheduled on Monday and Thursday the remaining 3 calendar quarters. Other formal league play is always a possibility when the number of players will fill rosters for four (4) teams. All games scheduled are part of a doubleheader.

League Play

  • Monday 9 teams (Bye) ages 60+, 13 players per team,
  • Tuesday 4-6 teams ages 60+, 12-13 players per team Tuesday League will follow ASA Slow Pitch Rules [e.g. Umpire calls infield fly, outfielders can play anywhere in outfield and throw runner out at first]
  • Thursday American League 5 teams (bye)ages 60+12 players per team Thursday American League will follow rules provided by League Coordinator.
  • Thursday National League 5-7 teams ages 60+, 12-13 players per team.
  • Location Most league games will be played at G.T. Bray Park with the exception of the Thursday NL which will host some games at Palma Sola Park. Most pickup games after May 1 will be played at G.T. Bray Park.


Players eligible to be drafted must commit to double headers. All players reporting to the field in reasonable health andpaying dues should be allowed to play. Players present or approved by advance notice each January 1 will be eligible to bedrafted for league play at least one day or more per week. All players are eligible for “pickup” games at any time of the year. Teams will be selected by the league coordinators (LC) and managers. Players arriving after the initial selection process will have to wait for a position to become available. They will be placed on a team through a predetermined process, usually by the league coordinator. Players are urged to be punctual and those reporting late may have to wait until the second game of the doubleheader. All players must provide address, phone number, and email (if possible). All players should wear the team sponsor’s shirt.


ll players are expected to display positive sportsmanship at all times. Verbal and physical abuse is prohibited as well as “questionable language” and profanity. Use of tobacco products in the playing area and dugouts is not permitted. Arguing and harassment among players and especially with umpires is highly discouraged. Any player throwing a bat may be ejected for the day of play. Throwing a punch will result in expulsion from the league season or an entire calendar year. All unsportsmanlike incidents will be reviewed and any disciplinary action will be decided by the Board. Managers are responsible for control of players’ actions. ASA rules apply to any other situation not covered in this document. Any disputes, protest, or appeals of rules will be handled by the umpires and team managers ONLY.
All players present (unless injured) as part of a team roster must be in the batting order and play a minimum of three (3) innings in the field. The manager will make the batting order and assign players to positions. If a player refuses to play a position, he may be suspended for that day. A player injured during play may be removed without penalty. Any player, emotionally upset, leaving the game may be suspended for the next game.

Bye Players

Players on teams not scheduled to play that particular day may be called by the league coordinator (LC) to fill open roster spots on scheduled teams (usually defensive positions). If used, they will bat last in the batting order.

Pool Players

Are defined as those players who were not present when league drafts were held. This special pool will be established by each league coordinator (LC) and may be used at the discretion of the LC to fill roster shortages. Consideration should always be given to league parity. A pool player could play for several different teams and eventually secure a permanent roster spot.The LC may use a combination of Bye and Pool Players to fill open roster spots. If roster players show up unexpectedly, both Bye and Pool Players that were called must play. However, all roster players must be in the starting line-up. All Bye and Pool Players must bat at the end of the batting order. A Pool Player earning a permanent roster spot may bat anywhere in the order. Any player picked up at the field on game day must be approved by the LC. Use of an illegal player will result in a forfeit. Players should tell or call managers with adequate notice when they are unable to play a scheduled game.

Refusal by a Player to Play

Any drafted or assigned player who chooses not to play for a team that drafts him or quits a team, could be suspended from playing in any or all BSS games for a period of one year. With agreement of the Manager’s Council (MC) a player could be traded. A player who leaves without permission may be suspended for one year or indefinitely.


Are selected by the league coordinator with final approval of the Board of Directors. There are several logistical responsibilities (See Attachment A). The managers in each league make up the Managers Council (MC) which may meet to discuss and render an opinion on all controversial situations that arise. The Board of Directors has the final review and decision.


A batting and fielding practice is usually held every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at Buffalo Creek Park. New players are especially encouraged to attend.


All league games (Jan. 1 -March 30) will begin promptly at 9 a.m. Players should arrive by 8:30 a.m. for warm-up. All other season’s game time is 8:30 a.m. Players not on time will bat at the end of the order and may miss the first game.


The BSS Board of Directors will determine equipment: bats, balls, screens, etc. It will be enforced for our league.  We are currently using 44 core (375) balls for the competitive leagues and 52 core (300) for the recreational leagues.  Senior bats may be used in all leagues, but no modified bats are allowed.


All players are encouraged to solicit sponsorship of team shirts from the community. This is a considerable expense annually for 24-27 teams. That helps keeps our dues structure a bargain!


Volunteers, mostly retired players, are welcome. Any league manager or player may be asked to participate.

Weather/Playing Conditions

Each league coordinator (LC) is responsible for monitoring weather and field conditions along with the park’s ground supervisor. The LC is responsible for updating the Bradenton Senior Softball Information phone in the event games are cancelled. Players are responsible for calling the BSS Information line for game status. The BSS Information Phone Number is 941-301-4129.


The ASA rule book for senior softball is a guideline for BSS. However, local rules have also been adopted and are subject to yearly review. Most rules are standardized for each league. (Exception: Wednesday 55+ and Thursday American League) League rules are different at Bray and Palma Sola Parks due to the distance of the outfield fences. (See Attachment B)  All game protests will be resolved on the spot prior to continuation of game.