Board of Director Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2024

Attendees: Wayne Kopp, Ken Krejci, Mike Kirkby, Arnie Walker, Jack Gjeldum, Greg Lewandowski, Russ Warren and David Freni

Agenda item 1,
SS Board meeting opened at 12:48pm with Dave Boyle motioning approval of last meeting minutes and Arnie Walker 2’nd the motion.

Item 2. Change subs/bye team players ability to play and pay.
It was decided that subs will be required to pay. In doing so, managers will have freedom to select replacement players from either bye team or sub list. Subs will have to pay $10 per month for the time they’re on the sub list. For instance, if you’re placed on the sub list in January you will pay $30. for January-March. If listed in February you would pay $20 for February-March and so forth.
The web site will include verbiage to explain.

Item 2A. Sub list on web site.
In a previous board meeting it was decided not to include the sub lists on the BSS web site because it changed so frequently. Today it was decided sub lists will be added to web site. Russ and Jack will test a direct transfer of the Google Sheets sub list to the web site.

Item 3. End of season tournaments-Competitive leagues
There will not be a tournament for Tuesday Competitive league. There have been 3 rain-out dates and those games will be made up on March 12, 19 and 26.
Thursday will have rain-out make-up games on March 14 and playoff games will be March 21 and 28. All teams will be in the playoffs with the1st place team having a bye on the 21st. The losing team on the 21st will be out and the other 3 teams along with the 1st place team will play on the 28th.

Item 4
Update to the rating list for new and existing players.
It was decided that no rating changes to existing players will occur after the draft for season play. New unrated players will be required to attend a practice (Combine like) session with rating committee members present, giving the committee an opportunity to rate new players. Information will be included on web site. New players that arrive during the off season will have a chance to be rated by committee members based on their performance in recreation ball games.

Item 5
David Freni has accepted task of documenting board meeting minutes and Dave Boyle has accepted the role of new player contact.

item 5A
Address 911 and EMS concerns
Wayne and Jack will be meeting with County officials to address 911 and EMS response to issues on the ball fields. Timeliness and access through the gates are a main concern.

Item 6
Finances are in good standing.

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