Player Information


Weekly Batting Practice being held at Buffalo Creek, starting at 8:30

Batting practice is held on Saturday mornings, starting at 8:30 am, at the Buffalo Creek ball diamond (closest to the Middle School).
If the baseball diamond is occupied, go to the small field that can be reached by taking the driveway BETWEEN the grade school and middle school all the way back on the dirt road to the small field behind the school."
Please call the rain out number ( 301-4129) after 7:20 am Saturday to confirm that BP is scheduled!

New Player Information

  • Call ahead before coming to the field.
    • Call ahead before coming to the field.
    • Call Dave Boyle at 941-518-0198.
  • Bring your glove and shoes (no steel spikes) to the field.  If you do not have a bat there will be some available for you to use
  • Team shirts will be provided during league play. Hats and sun glasses may be needed due to the constant bright sun.
  • Please keep us informed of your plans (arrivals, departures, vacations, injuries and illness) as we do have concern for each of our players.

Sign Up!

  • Please call Dave Boyle or one of the other board members to sign-up or if you have any questions.
  • Let us know when you are coming to Bradenton and we will most likely need you on a team and get you into a game.  You can contact Dave Boyle at 941-518-0198.

League Schedules and Fees

  • There is a separate fee for each quarter of the year.  It is determined by the budget of Manatee County Parks and Recreation and the BSS board.
  • January through March is estimated to consist of a Monday Recreational league, a Tuesday Competitive league and Thursday Competitive and Recreational leagues.
  • All other seasons' fees are adjusted for players available and fields needed.
    Fees are always subject to change due to ongoing negotiations with the Manatee County Parks & Recreation .  Fees always reflect the cost of the fields, balls, shirts, insurance, line-up boards, first aid its, etc.

Game Details

  • Recreational softball is organized in four seasons of play.  Organized league play begins on the first or second Monday of January each year and continues until April 1st.
  • All teams can have up to 20 players but usually consist of 12-13 players.
  • Competition is scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Each team's daily schedule includes a double-header beginning usually at 8:30AM with two 7 inning games.
  • League play is at G.T. Bray Park quadplex (just off 59th street W and 33rd Ave Dr W).
    April through December we have pick-up games scheduled two days a week and are played at either G.T. Bray Park or Palma Sola Park (40th Ave W just off 75th St W).