Round Table Meeting Minutes – Jan 4, 2024

Attending were Wayne Kopp, Dave Boyle, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, Jack Gjeldum , Ken Krejci, Dave Freni ( by phone), Marc During, John DeClemente, Russ Warren, Will Lowe and Greg Lewandowski.
We had a round table discussion to review what worked and didn’t work in 2023 with respect to our registration and draft process.
We decided to keep the registration dates beginning November 8 and ending November 20 for 2024.
We will keep the data base information separated per year as we did for registration this year.
We have decided to revise the registration form by eliminating calling the American and National Leagues on the form, but rather designation the leagues as Monday Recreational, Tuesday Competitive, Thursday Competitive and Thursday Recreational. We will enforce a player to get rated to be placed in the draft (if not rated, then player can only be a sub until rated). There will be no drop down on the registration form for choosing to be put in the Thurs Recreational league if you are not drafted by the Thursday Competitive league.
All registration will go thru Jack G. We will do a log of every player we have to make a change to. We will have each LC give Russ the necessary info to put on the web.
We need to use the QR code when registering players at the field. We need to have 2 people responsible for the registration process at the field.
We will maintain the return email to every player registered by Jack G.
We will maintain the payment process of having the player register, getting a verification email from Jack and then the payment from the player on PayPal. Russ will check into the possibility of having the registration and payment process at one time.
We will strictly adhere to the end date for registration. The only exception will be for new players.
We need to designate an assistant to Jack G. for accepting payment (cash and checks) at the field when he is gone.
Russ was waiting for the approval of the update to the registration sheets so we can register players that have not been registered for 2024. Therefore, we can go back to those players not registered in 2024 and complete the registration of those new players. We will need to update the registration forms to remove the shirt sizes, choice of league play for the summer schedule.
Arnie will get the updated rules to Russ to put on the web site.
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:25PM with a motion by Ken Krejci, 2nd by Arnie and all in favor.

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