Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2023

Attending were Wayne Kopp, Dave Boyle, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, Jack Gjeldum, Ken Krejci, Dave Freni, Marc During, John DeClemente, Russ Warren, Will Lowe and Greg Lewandowski by phone.

The meeting was called to order at 11:57 AM.

A motion was made by Arnie Walker, second by Ken K and all in favor to accept the Aug  24, 2023 meeting minutes.

We welcomed new board member Dave Boyle and the Monday League Coordinator Marc During and The Thursday American League Coordinator Greg Lewandowski.  Please congratulation them when you see them.

It was decided to change the starting times to 9:30 am beginning November 2, Thursday until the end of the winter season 2024.  John DeClemente will be holding batting practices at Palma Sola starting on Sunday December 31 at 8:30am.

We agreed to have Will Lowe send out the informational email on November 1 that registration to start November 8 and end November 20th at 6:00 pm. The draft for the TAL will begin on December 4th after the games, Tuesday draft will be Dec 7th after the games, Monday draft will be Dec 11th after the games and the TNL draft will be Dec 14 after the games.  It was decided by the board to have an odd number of teams in each league, so that bye teams can be used.  We will also have a minimum of 12 players per team to relieve the burden on the managers.

We will keep the sponsor fees at $150 and put the shirt size on the registration form to reduce the number of team shirts.  If we need to reduce any sponsors this year, we will delete the last new sponsor/sponsors first.  The 2024 cost to play was set at $45 for the winter season of Jan/Feb/Mar.  We will need (4) new managers for Thursday American (TAL) and possibly (3) for Thursday National (TNL) and (1) for Tuesday.  Anyone interested please contact Wayne Kopp or the LC you want to manage in.

We gave approval for Ken to replace the hats that were sold, at a cost of approx. $286. Also, to buy 4 dozen 52/300 balls for the Thursday Nat’l league at a cost of approx. $350.

Ken made a suggestion on possibilities with the draft.

  1. You could have 7 teams of 12 with 5 subs.
  2. Have 5 teams and 29 subs.
  3. Have 6 teams of 12 and 17 subs and eliminate the bye week.
  4. Have 5 teams and let the players rated 4 and below pool in with the 7 teams, and they can sub in for anyone, anywhere.

This should be resolved after we receive the final results of who has registered.

Dave Freni presented the proposed rule changes per his committee.  The board voted to accept #2 change of “If the runner gives up himself/herself and the fielder drops the ball at 2nd or 3rd base, the runner can be called safe if the umpire believes the runner would have been safe if the runner did not give up him/herself”.  The board also voted not to accept the #3 change “All players can have a courtesy runner from the plate and on the bases at any time.”

Ken Krejci has requested a back up for him on ordering shirts/ hats, and balls.  Dave Boyle has agreed to be his back up.

We will change the web site to show a $20 fee for the month of November/December.

We decided to award plaques to Bucky, Paul Wilson and Jack McDonugh for their years of service.

Jack G. gave the financial report and we are in good standing.

The next scheduled meeting will be November 27.

A motion was made by Dave Freni , 2nd by Mike Kirkby and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 12:54PM.

5 thoughts on “Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2023”

  1. Good afternoon. This will be my first year in Bradenton. My friend Mark Tellitocci sent me the post regarding the new season starting in January and the sign up dates starting next week.

    I plan on signing up for the recreational league this year. Looking at the notes from the BoD meeting, it appears there are try-outs on the 4th, 7th, and 11th of December. Would I have to be at all three try-outs to qualify? I will out of town on the 11th.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Mike,
      The dates you cited were for DRAFT dates for the teams for each league. To register for a league, you need to appear at our regular games (Monday and Thursdays at 9:00 AM) or Saturday practice at Buffalo Creek (see web site for details on times). You will get a rating assigned.

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