Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 24, 2023

Attending were  Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, , Jack Gjeldum, Ken Krejci,  Jack McDonough, Will Lowe and Russ Warren, Dave Freni was absent.

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 PM.

A motion was made by Jack G., second by Arnie Walker and all in favor to accept the Feb 21, 2023 meeting minutes.

It was decided to leave the starting time at 9:30am for the rest of the season.

It was discussed to move up the registration notice this coming year to November 1 with actual registration to start on Nov. 8 and end Nov. 20.  The draft will begin Dec. 4 for TAL league, Dec, 7 for Tues league, Dec. 11 for Mon. league and Dec. 14 for TNL league.

We will put the shirt size on the registration form to reduce the number of team shirts and thus save some money.

We discussed the desire by Greg Lewandowski to be the replacement for Mike Mancuso for the Thursday American League.  Marc During has also expressed his desire to take over the Monday League.  We want to give thanks to Mike Kirkby and Mike Mancuso for their tireless efforts as Monday and TAL  League Coordinators respectively.

We discussed the possibility of using paid umpires for league play, but it was decided that would be too costly.

Jack Gjuldum will make a laminated card of the list of players that took the CPR/AED course and have them placed in each of the First Aid  bags and also in the AED Cabinets.  It was also decided to purchase another AED Cabinet for our Palma Sola fields.  Jack G. will also purchase 6 ball/strike indicators.

Jack McDonough said he will remain on the board until the end of the year.

Jack G. gave the financial report and we are in good standing.

The next scheduled meeting will be set at a later date.

A motion was made by Ken , 2nd by Jack G. and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 2:30PM.

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