Board Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2020

Attending were William Lowe, Paul Wilson, Arnie Walker, Wayne Kopp, Jack McDonough, Barb Lowe and Ken Krejci.  Lloyd Grantham came at the end of the meeting.

First order of business was to approve the minutes of the last meeting.  Arnie made a motion to approve, second by Paul all in favor.

The financial report was the same as last meeting.  All bills have been paid.  We are in good financial standing. We have not been charged for using the Blackstone facilities. A motion by Wayne, second by Arnie, all in favor to pay Will $95.89 for supplies was approved.

Lloyd spoke to Page and Marcus on the payment of the fields.  He said we would pay for 2 fields for November and December at $300/mo. And $600 for both months.  Wayne and Lloyd will go to GT Bray on Thursday to talk directly to the construction supervisor to get a better feel on the field status.  Will to talk to Jonathan at Blackstone to try to get the 2nd field set up for play.

It was established William will send out the registration forms and expect them to be returned between Dec. 5th thru the 15th.  Our draft will not be done until the first week of January due to uncertainty of the number of players available.  Since we may have reduced teams in the leagues this year, there may be less sponsors required.  If so, we will take the longest sponsors first.  Jack will supply the hot spot for registration at the field.

The next meeting was scheduled for Nov 17 at 1:00pm at the Elks. With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:18 PM with a motion made by Arnie and a 2nd by Wayne with all in favor.





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