Board Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2021

Attending were Lloyd Grantham, Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. William Lowe, Mike Kirkby and Jack McDonough, Mike Mancuso and Ken Krejci were absent.

The following decision was made that we will continue playing Monday and Thursday National Leagues at Palma Sola till the end of the season (March 31st).

Barb gave the status of our finances and we are in good standing.  We have decided to only charge $20 for new players at this point in the season.

 The BSS Board has decided to not have the Banquet this year due to the Covid problems.

We have decided to utilize the new storage area at the new building at GT Bray and discontinue the use of the shed for storing our equipment.  We will either have a key access or a key pad, depending on what Marcus decides.

William Lowe will take a picture of a storage shelf he purchased at H-D for possible purchase for the storage area at GT Bray. Marcus told Lloyd and I that facebook has a section called “market place” where used items such as storage shelfs are listed for sale as well.

With no more business the meeting was adjourned at 9:41 AM.



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