Board Meeting Minutes – January 15, 2021

Attending were Lloyd Grantham, Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Jack McDonough, Arnie Walker. William Lowe,and Ken Krejci were absent.

The following decision was made with the agreement of both Ken and Will.

The BSS Board has decided to continue play with the Leagues.   Due to the increased number of Covid cases and possible mutation of the virus – these precautions are being taken and must be followed for everyones safety.  We need to practice the following guidelines below or play will be suspended.

-Wear face masks when in the dugout or preparation to play.  Wearing the face masks while playing in the field will be at the players discretion.

-Social distancing must be practiced, therefore a limited number of players can only be in the dugout at one time”.

-We will provide sanitizer bottles at the dugout for player use.

-Anyone coming in contact with a positive Covid person or testing positive themselves, must immediately contact their manager or league coordinator.


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