Board Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2021

Attending were Lloyd Grantham, Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. William Lowe, Jack McDonough, Ken Krejci and Barb Lowe.

Barb gave the status of our finances and we are in good standing.  We have decided to only pay by the month for the use of the fields as we see necessary.

It is with great sadness that the board has accepted the resignation of Will Lowe, Barb Lowe and Lloyd Grantham, but it is also with tremendous appreciation of the many loyal years of service that they have given us.  Not enough can be said for the tireless efforts they have made to make this a great League in which to play and enjoy the camaraderie.

A motion was made by Wayne , second by Paul and all in favor to earmark $100 for Barb to purchase 24 chemical ice packs, first aid kits, self adhesive tapes and bags to hold these items.  We will store these in the storage area at GT Bray.

There was discussion by the board as to how we want to set up future replacements of board members ie, elections, term of office, duties, ect.  Further discussions and brainstorming will be necessary.

Ken proposed the use of Pay Pal for the “pay to play” in our league in the future.  This will eliminate the need for physically handling the money and badgering people for payment.

Lloyd will get the team pictures from Ken to have the 2021 sponsorship Plaques made.

Wayne will send out an email to the league coordinators to have the managers return the team boards at the end of this month.  It is also important to wipe any writing off the boards before returning.

Will volunteered to run the May games for pick up, Wayne offered to do June.

It was decided that future registration of players will only require Email, Phone number, DOB and Emergency phone contact info.

Will offered to generate a list of full time players for the board.

Next meeting was not definitely set in May.


The motion was made by Will, second by Ken and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 1:49

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  1. Sorry to see such diligent people leave the Board. I, for one, appreciated all you did for the league. Each of you, Lloyd, Barb and Will were unique in your roles. I trust that you will still be around the park in the coming years. I hope that I will be there to play and thank you in person for your dedication.

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