Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Feb 24, 2022

Attending were Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, Ken Krejci, Jack Gjeldum, Will Lowe, Russ Warren and Jack McDonough.

Jack Gjeldum gave the status of our finances and we are in good standing.  Paul made a motion, Arnie 2nd and all in favor to approve.   We encourage everyone to use the Pay Pal form of payment on our Web Site

We discussed the keeping of info in the cloud instead of Will Lowe’s computer.  Russ to check using Google Docs.  Russ will work with William and do the necessary testing to make this happen.   We will need to talk to Todd Gillenwater about his ability to step in for Russ should we lose his services in the future.

We want to stream line the registration process, use electronic signatures, logging of emergency contact information and make immediate payment when a player begins this process.  Pay before play procedure.

The renaming of the field #1 after Lloyd Granthum was a success.

Wayne wants to get the League Coordinators together to synergize the process and procedures so we are standardized and easier for all players to understand.

We discussed the setting a Wednesday League to replace the Thursday National League.  This will ease the stress on possibly getting players and using less equipment and fields .

We need to reconsider how the BEERS Game will be run next year.  There were a few hurt feelings and we want to apologize for that mistake.

Ken Krejci brought up the subject of trying to rate players for both the recreation and the competitive leagues.  We will consider choosing 3 managers from each league and Arnie Walker and Ken Krejeci to work with them.

Wayne made a motion to approve the cost of the Lloyd Granthum sign and approve the payment of $679.35 for the payment of the sign by Jack Gjeldum.  2nd by Mike Kirkby all in favor.

The next meeting will be at a later date.  A motion by Wayne, 2nd by Ken Krejeci  and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 1:34PM.

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