Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – December 22, 2022

Attending were Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, , Dave Freni, Jack Gjeldum, Russ Warren, Todd Gillenwater and Will Lowe. Jack McDonough and Ken Krejci, were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 1:22 PM.

A motion was made by Arnie, second by Dave Freni and all in favor to accept the Dec 1 2022 meeting minutes.

William Lowe told the board there were 79 players signed for Monday, 60 for Tuesday, 83 for TAL and 64 for TNL 2023 season. Will and Russ explained some of the problems we had with registration, paypal and the timing with the draft. Our lessons learned is next year we will have more time between registration and the draft and when the registration ends any new players will be subs. A motion was made by Arnie, second by Jack G. and all in favor to accept new players as subs and they will be able to sign up and register electronically. Depending when they sign up and if they are assigned permanently to a team, then they will be charged accordingly. We have decided to wave any fees for subs. Jack Gjeldum will refund the fees paid by the two subs ( Ted Stelpstra and Kevin McDonald).

William explained how we need to use the QR symbol to access the Web site and do registration from your IPhone. Todd Gillenwater will look into writing up instructions on how to use the QR and Sheets from an Iphone.

We decided not to do text blasts, but use the Hot Line at 941-345-4652 for updates on playing.

Paul Wilson informed Wayne that Hank Arsenault no longer wants to be heading up the rules and Umpires. Dave Freni said he will head the rules committee. We are still looking for additional Umpires to volunteer.

It has been decided that Jack Gjeldum will handle the registration and PayPal process and Will Lowe will continue to handle the boards and nametags in the future.

Jack G. gave the financial report and we will have enough monies to pay for all the team shirts, equipment, fields and balls.

Jack Gjeldum suggested we initiate the lining up after the games for team hand shakes. All were in favor of doing this gesture of good sportsmanship.

The next meeting was set for Monday January 23,2023 after the games at the Elks.

With no further business a motion was made by Wayne and 2nd by Jack G. and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 2:37 pm.

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