Board of Directors Meeting – Jan 24, 2023

Attending were Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, , Dave Freni, Jack Gjeldum, and Ken Krejci. Jack McDonough, was absent due to his wife , Lynn’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers go to Jack and his family on their loss.
The meeting was called to order at 12:54 PM.
A motion was made by Jack G., second by Ken and all in favor to accept the Dec 22, 2022 meeting minutes.
It was discussed that Wayne, Arnie and Jack G. will attend Bob Beyfuss’s celebration of life in Ft. Desoto Park, representing BSS Saturday Jan 28. Wayne will send a request to the League Coordinators to ask their respective managers to request that players in the League try to support our sponsors.
We decided to incorporate the shirt sizes required on the registration form to try and reduce costs for shirts next year. We discussed the need to increase the sponsor fees next year to $175 to cover increased costs. We have also decided to start the registration process and the draft earlier next year. A motion was made by Mike Kirkby, 2nd by Wayne and all were in favor of the changes.
Wayne and Jack G will check with the fire department after the games on Thursday to see if any free training is offered for CPR. We will send out an email blast to all players to see if anyone has this training, as well as the use of a defibulator, so we can be prepared for an occurrence at any of the fields where CPR is required. Jack G will also contact the Red Cross to see if training is offered. We will put a query on the registration form for players that have had CPR or Defib training.
Jack G. gave the financial report and we are in good standing.
Wayne will check into insurance for the board members.
We have established a guideline for first aid – CPR as follows – 1) All managers or LC’s need to make sure a phone is available prior to the start of any game. 2) In an emergency get that person who has a phone and have the call made to 911. 3) We will refer to our list of trained CPR. 4) We will administer first aid -CPR as required. 5) We will notify the injured player’s emergency contact from our list. 6) We will get the players personal items for the emergency contact to receive those items/car. 7) After an injury/accident – notify a board member.
Jack G to follow up with our Manatee Co. Commissioner on our request for them to purchase defibulators for the fields.
Ken will order new softballs to take us to the end of the year. Ken has set up white buckets in the storage room to deposit used GAME BALLS. These balls will not be used for batting practice, but as back up balls for the games.
We discussed the need to have the rating of players be a guide for the type of league they are to play in. This will be tabled for further discussion on how we will incorporate it. The thought is to have only #4 thru #1 rated players to play in the competitive Leagues. The discussion of moving the TNL to Wednesdays was brought up again, since all the leagues are having a difficult time fielding complete teams due to many injuries. This needs to have further discussion and input to resolve our league problems.
The next scheduled meeting will be February 21 Tuesday after the games at the Elks.
A motion was made by Mike Kirkby, 2nd by Ken and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 2:50PM.

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  1. John DiClemente

    As the coordinator of the Thursday National league, I can tell you we are not having any difficulty in getting players to substitute or cover games when players are unavailable. The TNL is functioning well, without any problems. I fear a change to Wednesday would create more problems for the TNlL. All is well in the TNL, don’t spoil it.

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