Board Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2021

Attending were Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. William Lowe, Mike Kirkby, Barb Lowe, Jack Gjeldum, Ken Krejci, Hank Arsenault and Jack McDonough.

Jack G. gave the status of our finances and we are in good standing. We encourage everyone to use the Pay Pal form of payment on our Web Site.

We discussed with the rules committee the procedure of the presentation to the board for final approval of any changes made to the rules. The board believes in an open and constructive relationship between the Committee and the Board.

We discussed with Hank to remove rule #4 of the Monday/Thursday National League rules. The committee will get back to the board. We discussed the need to enforce rule #9 on the Tuesday/ Thursday American rules that the screen will be placed in relation to the pitching rubber to protect the pitcher at all times. Bats shall have an ASA/USA stamp to be used in the recreational leagues. Balls will be rated .44 – #375 for the competitive leagues and .52 – #300 for the recreational leagues. Ken purchased 7 dozen of each ball for the respective leagues. A motion by Arnie, 2nd by Wayne and all in favor to pay Ken for the $810.29 bill for said balls and allow for the purchase of a wagon. This also will be allowed for William Lowe to purchase in the future.

William Lowe will keep a hard copy of the signed release registration forms. League coordinators and managers shall have the email information for record info. William gave Jack M. a thumb drive for the Access program.
Ken passed out a sample Sarasota registration form so that we may want to incorporate in our form. Will and Russ to review.

William presented the sample prefilled registration sheets and the late registration sheets for review. The league coordinators will be responsible for passing to the managers to get the signatures and return to William.

Wayne to contact Steve Combs on legal verbage of the waiver and how long we need to maintain these records.

The 2021 draft schedule will be as follows _ Thurs. American Draft -Dec. 6 Monday, Tuesday League Draft -Dec. 9 Thursday, Monday League Draft – Dec. 13 Monday, and Thur. Nat. Draft – Dec. 14 Tues.
November 1, 2020 will be the 1st notice for the draft registration forms, Nov. 15 will be the second notice and the official start for filing, November 30 at 6:00PM will be the end of registration.

We hope the number of teams will increase this year and Ken will take care of contacting the sponsors. A motion by Wayne, 2nd by Mike and all in favor for the purchase of some Bradenton Senior Hats for sale.

The next meeting was set for Monday November 29 at the Elks after the games. A motion by Wayne , 2nd by Jack G. and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 12:04PM.

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  1. Every aspect of our executive commitee is represented. Ex and present day competitive and non competitive players, umpires, and hitters. But not one pitcher is on the committee. Shouldn’t that position have a say???

  2. I cannot commit to playing full time as I have a business which is very busy so I would like my name added to whatever list to play as a pick up player this season. I can play in all leagues Monday Tuesday both Thursday leagues . Thanks Bob Viscardi 201-294-5967

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