2022 Player Registration Details

Online Registration will take place between (November 15th, 2021) and (November 30th, 2021). If you intend to play during the 2022 Winter Season (January thru March 31st, 2022) it is essential that you register before the (November 30th, 2021) deadline. Players missing the (November 30th, 2021) at 6pm EST deadline will be placed on a stand-by list.

There will be opportunities to register at GT Bray Park (November 18th, 22nd, & 29th) after games are completed. Registration at GT Bray will not be available on Thanksgiving Day (November 25th).

The registration form will ask you for name, email, December Phone Number, Florida Arrival Date and Departure Date. (The Arrival & Departure Dates will utilize a pop-up calendar.) Important: The Name provided at Registration will be used for the Magnetic Board Name Tags. (I.E. If you want to be known as Mike don’t sign up as Michael).

The form will ask for the positions you CAN play. Please be flexible. Also be realistic concerning what league (Competitive or Recreational) you sign up for.

If you require a runner please check the appropriate box requesting a runner. Remember players under 80 will be requested to provide a medical reason for utilizing a runner. On the Tuesday And Thursday competitive leagues batters WILL be required to run to first base.

Players WILL be required to sign an Athletic Waiver and Release of Liability and complete emergency contact information at the field as a condition for participation.

Finally, there always seems to be a shortage of Managers, especially for the Monday & Thursday Recreational (National) leagues.

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