Board Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2019

Attending were Russ Warren ( as guest), Mike Kirkby ( as guest), Mike Mancuso ( as guest), William Lowe, Barb Lowe, , Paul Wilson, Ken Krejci, Arnie Walker, Wayne Kopp, and Jack McDonough, Lloyd Grantham was absent.

First order of business was to explain the pre-registration at Bray Park on Nov 18 and 21 and Palma Sola Park on Nov 22.  November 24 will be the start of online registration.  Dec 9 at 6:00 pm will be the end date for registration.  William will email the registration results to Mike Mancuso that night or the next day for his Thursday ( American ) league draft, which will be held on Dec 12.  Arnie’s Tuesday League draft will be Monday Dec 16.  Wayne’s Monday draft will be on Dec 18 and Mike Kirkby’s Thursday (National) league draft will be Dec 19. Lloyd or Wayne will contact Page Eddens to set up the room for these drafts at GT Bray.  Wayne made a motion to approve the dates for the drafts , Ken second, all in favor.  Wayne to make announcements at the November Monday and Thursday games of these important dates.


The games will start at 9:00 am starting Dec 2.  Wayne made a motion to accept these times, 2nd by Jack , all in favor.

There were two teams that played at the Howard Spry Memorial game on November 6.  Lloyd will talk to Sharon Spry to see if we will make this an annual event.

Ken has 8 sponsors at this time and he feels there should be no problem with filling the rest of the sponsors required for the league.  It was noted by Ken to the league coordinators, that we should try not to have 2 sponsors on the same team.

Paul said the cost to replace the pitching screens are $280 each.  He will try to get a price for refurbishing.

Russ requested the home team manager supply the results of their respective games and give the team name and number as well to him.

Lloyd to ask GT Bray if we can get our rental costs for the 2020 year.

Mike Kirkby asked if we could get knowledgeable umpires for the games at Palma Sola.

The next meeting was set for January 16, 2020.

 With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM with a motion made by Wayne and a 2nd by Will with all in favor.





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