Sponsorship Guidelines – For those of you that have provided sponsors (THANK YOU!)

Sponsorship Guidelines

Last season, there were some issues with people getting sponsors, saying they were getting
shirts, the timing of it all, and what team gets what sponsor shirt. Another issue is that we lost 2
teams which caused some juggling. Also, it is to be understood that the shirts the BSS league
purchased are the material preferred by the players, and NOT 100% cotton. If shirts are given to
us by a sponsor, most likely they will be cotton.

This will be the last year we accept shirts from a sponsor. Next year, they will be required to pay
the $150. which gets them the shirts, an end year plaque, and a link on our website to theirs.
The reason being that all shirts will be the same material and we then have money for the cost
of the plaques.

I will open up Sponsorship on 11/15 and close it on 12/09. The order in which teams will get a
specific sponsor shirt are as follows:

1) If you are the team manager bringing in the sponsor, you will get to have that sponsor no
matter what.
2) If your sponsor provides caps.
3) If you or your relative are sponsoring a team, you will be the third in line to have that
4) After that, I will go by whoever gives me a check, or hands me the shirts, (not just tells
me he will be getting the shirts) next.
5) If there is still a tie/ conflict, it will be settled with a flip of a coin between the parties

We won’t know how many teams we are going to have this year, until registration is complete.
Before anyone goes out and gets a new sponsor, please check with me first. Thank you all for
your efforts on getting sponsorship.

Ken Krejci

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