Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – 12/2/2021

Attending were Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. William Lowe, Mike Kirkby, Barb Lowe,  Ken Krejci,and John Diclemente.  Jack Gjeldum and Jack McDonough were absent.

Wayne Kopp gave the status of our finances and we are in good standing.   We encourage everyone to use the Pay Pal form of payment on our Web Site

William Lowe stated the need to have everyone sign the waiver and sign up sheet, even if only there for the day.   Will won’t print the waiver sheets until the draft is complete.  We have 167 players that will need to sign the waiver form.  Will Lowe will keep a binder of all the signed waivers.  Presently he has 24 player boards that are ready for the draft process.  We presently have 3 first aid bags and Barb will prepare 2 more before league play begins, so we will have one per field.

It was decided by the League Coordinator, Mike Mancuso, that the Thursday Competitive league will have 5 Teams of 12 Players which will have 60 players total.  87 players have signed up which means there will be possibly 27 players will be notified by Mike Mancuso that will not make the league, so they will have to decide what league they would like to change to.  Mike will then notify the remaing League Coordinators of the 27 players decisions.

The Thursday recreational League, run by John DiClemente will have 7 teams this year, the Tuesday League, run by Arnie Walker will have 5 Teams and the Monday League , run by Wayne Kopp will also have 7 teams this year.

The 2021 draft schedule will be as follows _ Thurs. American Draft -Dec. 6 Monday, Tuesday League Draft -Dec. 9 Thursday, Monday League Draft – Dec. 13 Monday, and Thur. Nat. Draft – Dec. 14 Tues. ( all drafts will be after the games played in the morning).

We have decided to use all four fields on Thursday at GT Bray and one field at Palma Sola.

The season will begin Monday January 3, Tuesday January 4 and Thursday Jan 6.

Hank has 5 umpires at the present, if anyone is interested in being an umpire, please contact Hank Arsenault.

If anyone has someone that wants to be a sponsor, please contact Ken Krejci.

Wayne Kopp made a motion, second by Arnie Walker, all in favor to have Paul Wilson purchase one more pitching screen.

Wayne Kopp made a motion, second by Mike Kirkby and all in favor for Ken to purchase 3 dozen each of our recreation and competitive balls.

We will set the 1st quarter fees after we have determined our field requirements and equipment costs.

The next meeting will be at a later date after all drafts are complete.  A motion by Wayne, 2nd by Arnie Walker, and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 2:15PM.

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