Board of Directors Meeting – Feb 21, 2023

Attending were Mike Mancuso, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. Mike Kirkby, Dave Freni, Jack Gjeldum, and Ken Krejci. Jack McDonough, was absent.
The meeting was called to order at 12:41 PM.
A motion was made by Jack G., second by Mike Kirkby and all in favor to accept the Jan 24, 2023 meeting minutes.
It was decided to discuss doing make up games, next year.
Dave Freni will try to find out who Mike Cook is and where he is, no one seems to know who he is. Wayne was able to find info for Jeff Knudtson for phone and email. He will only be used as a sub since he is still working. Parke Brewer was assigned to Arnie permanently and Jack G. will get his fee for playing.
Arnie will verify that the latest Tuesday and TAL rules are on the web site.
Arnie opened the BEERS game to both leagues this year, but there was not enough participation form the recreational leagues to field the necessary teams.
A motion by Wayne and 2nd by Ken and all in favor to use the wood plates since it better helps everyone including umpires. There has been no problem from a safety standpoint.
Mike Mancuso’s suggestion to discuss changing the foul ball and pitching screen call was tabled for future discussion.
Jack G talked with commissioner Kevin Van Ostenbridge about obtaining funds to purchase the AED units. Kevin explained there are some issues to resolve before a decision is made. Jack G. and Wayne will follow up on the proper verbiage to use on a 911 call for GT Bray and Palma Sola. They will also talk to the first responders on logistics and physical areas at the ball parks. Jack G. is waiting for a return call on the request for our 911 call on Feb 16 to determine what needs to be rectified for a quicker response by the EMT’s.
We have included in each first aid bag the procedure for addressing an injury or emergency situation at the ball fields.
A motion was made by Wayne and 2nd by Jack G and all in favor to obtain B & O insurance thru Smith Insurance Co. Jack G. will ask about coverage for umpires. It was decided that a board member will be responsible for calling a game due to lightning.
Jack G. gave the financial report and we are in good standing.
The next scheduled meeting will be set after we get our response and direction on the AED’s.
A motion was made by Ken , 2nd by Wayne and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 2:35PM.

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