Board Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2021

Attending were Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker, Jack McDonough, Mike Kirkby, Jack Gjeldum, Russ Warren, Barb Lowe, absent was Ken Krejci.
Jack McDonough stated that Jack Gjeldum and Russ Warren met to discuss forming the LLC. It was found that Florida does not allow forming a LLC for non profit. We will proceed with a 501-C7 non profit. We will need to establish By Laws and Articles of Incorporation. We can then apply for a Federal Government EIN number.

Jack Gjeldum and Jack McDonough will work together on what is required for setting up the 501-C7 and an EIN #. Jack McDonough will work on setting up the By Laws and Jack Gjeldum will do the Articles of Incorporation. The cost estimate for doing this is $60 for the state (annual cost) and $135 for the Federal Government (one time). We will have the mailing address set as Wayne Kopp’s address ( this can be changed at a later date). Wayne made a motion, second by Arnie and all in favor for Jack McDonough and Jack GJeldum to proceed. We are setting a target date for the fourth quarter to complete the above.

Once the above is established, we can proceed to setting up our PayPal.

Barb gave Jack Gjeldum our check routing number so he can set up a trial run using PayPal. Jack G. said he will use Quicken for our record keeping.

Russ said he can put a plug in on our website for the PayPal when finalized.

Next meeting was set for May 13th at 12:00pm. After the Thursday games.

The motion was made by Wayne, second by Jack Gjeldum and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 12:39 pm.

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