Board Meeting Minutes – Apr 22, 2021

Board Meeting Minutes
Bradenton Senior Softball Association
Apr 22, 2021 12:12PM

Attending were Lloyd Grantham, Paul Wilson, Wayne Kopp, Arnie Walker. William Lowe, Jack McDonough, Ken Krejci and Barb Lowe.
Barb gave the status of our finances and we are in good standing. We have decided to only pay by the month for the use of the fields as we see necessary for May and June. We don’t have definitive pricing from Manatee on the cost of the fields but will go by the previous cost in the past.
It was decided that we will have a two year term for our board members with the President, Treasurer and open member being elected today for 2021 and the remainder of the four board members being elected in 2022. The board members will do the voting on who the board members and their offices will be. The Motion was made by Ken Krejci, second by Wayne Kopp and all in favor. A motion was made by Ken Krejci, second by Wayne Kopp, all in favor to accept Jack Gjeldum as Treasurer to the board. Arnie Walker made a motion, second by Will Lowe, all in favor to appoint Wayne Kopp as President of the board. Jack McDonough will be the third member for the board for 2021.

Ken Krejci made a motion, 2nd by Wayne Kopp, all in favor to table the discussion on using PayPal until we talk to Jack Gjeldum and have further discussions. Barb will continue to accept checks and money from the players until finalization of the use of PayPal. Motion was made by Jack McDonough, 2nd by Lloyd and all in favor to continue the cost of playing at $20 per player for May/June.

Barb made up 2 blue bags with the first aid materials and are in the storage area for use when necessary. Barb will replace any used items as required in the bags.

It was decided that the board members will use the excel list of players to grade all players from 1 to 5. We will then do a tabulation ( of all 7 board member ratings) to determine the final ratings of all the players.

Will Lowe suggested having the Treasurer have a separate BSS email listed on the web site. Russ Warren said he would be able to set this up. Will also suggested unlinking Lloyd Grantham from the BSS checking. Jack McDonough suggested setting up a 501-C7 business account. A committee of Jack McDonough and Russ Warren will look into this. Wayne Kopp will call Steve Combs to ask him if he would be able to assist us in this endevour. Wayne, Jack Gjeldum and Lloyd will need to go to the bank to sign new cards when we finalize the above actions.

The board decided to set the starting time of the games for 8:30 am starting in June.

There was discussion on the request by Mike Mancuso about the Thursday American (Competitive) League moving from Thursday to Wednesday. A motion by Lloyd Grantham, 2nd by Will Lowe and all in favor to keep the days of play as is.

Russ Warren presented the cost of $28.16/yr be paid for the website and $108 for the domain. He suggested paying $5/mo. for a secure web site if we are to use PayPal. The board will make a decision on this after we finalize the use of PayPal.

Next meeting was not definitely set in May, until Wayne talks to Jack Gjeldum.

The motion was made by Will, second by Ken and all in favor to adjourn the meeting at 1:05pm.

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