2022 Season Registration Form

BSS League Information

The Bradenton Senior Softball League is open to players 60 and older.  Currently there are two separate divisions (competitive and recreational).

  • Competitive Divisions play Tuesday and Thursday (designated as Thursday American League).  This league allows for the use of equipment that increases the distance and speed of the batted ball.  A limited number of players will be selected by a draft process based on their ability and position.  Players in this division MUST be able to run to 1st base.  Players not selected for the competitive divisions will be contacted via phone and provided options.  These options could include playing within the recreational divisions or being placed on a substitute list.
  • Recreational Divisions play on Monday and Thursday (designated Thursday National League).  This league allows for participation for all levels of player ability.  Allowances are made for players that need a runner (from home plate and 1st base).  Only ASA (USA) certified bats are allowed and a hard core softball is utilized.

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