Bradenton Senior Softball

Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 15, 2020 1:00PM


Attending were William Lowe, Paul Wilson, Arnie Walker, Wayne Kopp, Lloyd Grantham, Jack McDonough and Ken Krejci

First order of business was to approve the minutes of the last meeting.  Ken Krejci made a motion to approve, second by William all in favor.  The financial report was the same as last meeting.  All bills have been paid.  We are in good financial standing. We have not been charged for using the Blackstone facilities.

The status on the fields at GT Bray are the same as before- they are hoping to allow us to use 2 of the 4 fields by November. Wayne and Lloyd will set up a meeting with Paige Eddens to get some answers for our questions on equipment storage, payments, etc.  Ken and Will are working on a preliminary survey to all the active ball players to get a feel of who will be playing this fall and spring.  We are looking to send out the survey by Oct 1 and have the reply by Oct 16.

Will said we need to purchase some new scoreboards (Homeplate field location).  Paul will line them when purchased.

Ken to call Dan Shipley of Sun City to set up a game.

The next meeting was scheduled for Oct 20 at 1:00pm at the Elks. With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:47 PM with a motion made by Arnie and a 2nd by Wayne with all in favor.

Looking for some softball equipment? See out selling board for items available from your BSS collegues

Our selling board has now reopened!   If you are interested in purchasing some used equipment from other BSS members, visit here.

If you have some softball equipment you want to sell, send me an email ( and I will post it out.

Bradenton Senior Softball Resumes on Monday, July 13th at 8:30 !!!!

Softball will resume on Monday, July 13th @ 8:30 at Blackstone Park weather permitting.
A reminder: Please call the BSS Information Hotline at (941) 301-4129 to check field conditions on game days.
William Lowe
For The Board

Welcome to Our New Web Site

Taking advantage of the quiet time (and keeping my boredom level down), we have a new Web site.  Feel free send me your comments (

Thank you


GT Bray Under Construction

While we are on an extended break, the crew has knocked down the old bathrooms.  It is now cleared out and ready for new construction!

Congratulations to Our 2020 Award Recipients!

During our annual banquet, the league recognized the following players with an award certificate.  Congratulations to these winners!

  • Wily Veteran - Rob Genter                                           
  • Gold Glove - Art Douglas 
  • Sunshine - Bob Walton 
  • Clutch Performer - Rocco Romano
  • Newcomer - Dave Plew
  • Lead Off Man - Mike Dulac

About Us

Our Softball League

Our league has continuous competition 52 weeks/year.  We play at GT Bray and Palma Sola Parks in Manatee County.


Anyone can play

Our players are 60 and older. Everyone is invited to play.  All that sign up will be guaranteed to play at least one day per week.


We play all year

Our play is organized into leagues from January until April and we have pick-up games the rest of the year.  We play double-headers and start early in the morning (usually 8:30 start time).  There is also informal batting practice for those that would like to brush-up on their game

For more information, see this link.

Questionable Field Conditions?

Call our information line at 941-301-4129 if there is ever a question about field conditions.  The league coordinator will update the message on this line as soon as he knows that the fields will be playable or not playable.